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1. Where is the Updated Billing Summary?
2. What number do I call if I have a water or sanitary sewer emergency?
3. Who do I call about dirty water?
4. Who do I call about purchasing a water or sewer tap?
5. How to apply for new service?
6. How much does it cost to open a new account?
7. Is there a minimum bill?
8. How is the sewer charge calculated?
9. Is there a late fee?
10. How soon can I get my water turned on?
11. How can I pay my bill?
12. When am I scheduled for disconnection?
13. Why am I asked for the last four (4) numbers of the social security number when I call in?
14. What number would I call if neither I nor my neighbors have any water?
15. Can I get an adjustment to my account if I have a leak?
16. Can I get a payment arrangement to avoid disconnection?
17. Can I turn off the water at the street for repairs or while the premise is vacant?
18. If customer comes in with a two party lease and one party has a delinquent bill, would that prevent me from getting service?
19. Additional questions or inquiries?