What do I need to have to submit a Fire Alarm plan?
  • The printed name, signature, and Georgia license number of the Low Voltage Contractor who is submitting the fire alarm plans for review
  • Written narrative providing intent and system description
  • A floor plan layout view diagram (drawn to scale) showing location of all devices and control equipment
  • Room names, door locations, ceiling fixtures
  • The fire alarm system wiring layout design which includes the gauge(s) of wiring installed
  • The matrix of sequence/operations
  • A fire alarm riser diagram
  • Speaker wattages and decibel ratings for both horn alarm and voice evacuation system components
  • The candela rating shown for drawings for each strobe device and each illuminated emergency exit sign


  • A set of NAC voltage drop/load calculations and a set of battery calculations for the fire alarm system
  • A system equipment submittal including: technical data sheets for all components specified in the fire alarm system design. 

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