May I view the actual plans and specifications for bids from Augusta, GA?

You may view the actual specifications for bids and proposals (excluding construction projects) on-line via the ARCBid link on the Procurement webpage. The information contained within the application is for information purposes only. You may also obtain copies of the bids and proposals (excluding construction projects) from Augusta, GA on-line by registering at There is a nominal fee for this service, which includes automatic notification of bids via email or fax. You may also click on Bid Listing Reports or Online Bids on to see an updated list of our current bids. For an official copy of the specifications, you will need to either request a copy by fax at (706) 821-2811, email at [email protected], you may come by the Procurement office to pick up a copy of the bid documents or visit

Construction projects are available at the plan room holding the project plans and may be viewed from their website at no charge. To identify the plan room visit ARCbid to view the invitation to bid which will list the plan room to contact.

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4. May I view the actual plans and specifications for bids from Augusta, GA?
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