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1. What is the Augusta 311 Mobile App?
2. Is this a free service?
3. How many services are available on Augusta 311’s mobile app?
4. What types of service are available on Augusta 311’s mobile app?
5. Do I need to enable” Location Services” or GPS when using Augusta 311’s mobile app?
6. How to enable “Location Services” or GPS on your smartphone?
7. What does “Reporter” mean on the Augusta 311 mobile app?
8. What does the ‘Share’ button mean? Who am I sharing the information I’m submitting with?
9. How do I follow-up on my service request?
10. Do requests made via the Augusta 311 mobile app go directly to a specific department?
11. Do I have to provide my personal information to submit a service request via the mobile app., web portal or when I call Augusta 311?
12. What happens or what is the process after a service request is submitted through the mobile app?
13. What will Augusta do if users submit inappropriate photos and/or spam the mobile app?
14. How does the Augusta 311Twitter account work? What does it do? What is its purpose?