What should I do to be prepared in case of an emergency?

Everyone should prepare an emergency response plan for themselves for both home and office. This plan should include who you will contact out of the area should an emergency occur, family emergency numbers, school contacts, an emergency meeting place for the family, and local contacts. Other pertinent information specific to you might include medical information, such as chronic conditions, medications that you use regularly and physician / pharmacy phone numbers. Make sure you discuss your plans with your loved ones and co-workers and give them copies of your plan. Individuals should prepare an Emergency Response Plan for both the home and office. Information is available on the Augusta-Richmond County website to assist you in formulating your plan. To further assist you, links are also available to Ready.gov and the American Red Cross. In an emergency, the County’s website and local TV / radio stations will provide emergency information. You also want to be prepared to shelter in place for three days (for example, a big snow storm). To shelter comfortably, you will want to have the basics:

  • One gallon of water per person per day
  • Food and manual can opener
  • A week’s supply of prescription medication
  • Battery powered radio, with extra batteries, extra batteries for hearing aids or other assistive devices
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • A list of contacts with family members, friends, doctors, and first aid supplies Any items you normally use that you would need for three days should an emergency occur should also be included. If you have a pet, you will need three days supply of food and water for each pet. Should you have to evacuate, these supplies should go with you. More extensive lists and information can be found on websites dealing with preparedness, such as Ready.gov. It is also a very good idea to have a go bag ready in case you have to evacuate either your home or work place. This small bag could include those personal items you would need if you had to leave without any notice as well as copies of financial records, pet’s veterinarian records (pets allowed only in pet designed shelters), extra keys for house and car, cash, spare glasses or other special needs items, such as medications, batteries for assistive devices, and copies of family documents. For sheltering longer than three days, or if you have to evacuate, you may also want to include blankets and bedding, garbage bags, extra sets of clothes, pet carrier, litter, bags, water for pets, and personal hygiene items with the go-bag items.

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