I have questions about pretrial supervision/conditional bond.
  1. What is conditional bond?
    • Conditional Bond is an order from the court, granting bond and requiring a person to do or not do certain things while out on bond.    
  2. What will I have to do if the court orders a conditional bond?
    • Conditional bond can include things like checking in regularly with a probation officer, making payments, abstaining from alcohol or drug use, or any other conditions the court may deem appropriate in your case.
  3. Who do I have to report to?
    • Report to the probation department. The probation office is often responsible for monitoring conditional bonds if requested to do so by the Court.  Check the paperwork you received in court to find the name of your probation officer or call the probation department at (706) 823-2195.

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4. I have questions about pretrial supervision/conditional bond.
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