Can I reschedule my court date?
  • If you know you cannot make it to your upcoming hearing, contact the Solicitor General’s office to ask to reschedule. You will not be arrested if you contact the Solicitor General and reschedule your hearing at least 72 hours before your scheduled hearing. Please follow these instructions:
    1. If you are not represented by an attorney (pro se), call the Solicitor General’s office as soon as possible at (706) 821-1220. Be ready to provide documentation about your reason for needing to reschedule (such as a doctor’s note); or
    2. If you are represented by an attorney, have your attorney contact the judge’s judicial assistant via email, with a copy to the prosecutor assigned to your case.
  • The Solicitor General’s office will decide whether to reschedule each case on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee that your case will be rescheduled.

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