What is the Augusta Judicial Circuit?

The Augusta Judicial Circuit comprises Burke and Richmond Counties. There are 5 Superior Court Judges who hold court in both counties. The DA’s Office prosecutes felony cases, while misdemeanor cases are handled by the respective Solicitors General for each county.

A Grand Jury is convened regularly by the District Attorney. There are additional court days each month for arraignment and non-jury hearings. The DA’s Office also handles preliminary hearings in Magistrate Court, juvenile proceedings in Juvenile Court, and alternative sentencing in the Accountability Courts. The District Attorney’s Office also regularly appears before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia.

The District Attorney’s Office represents the people of the State of Georgia in the prosecution of criminal cases. The District Attorney’s Office does not and cannot represent individuals in civil matters of any kind and cannot give legal advice on any matter to any citizen. 

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1. What is the Augusta Judicial Circuit?
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