How do I file a claim with Augusta, Georgia?

If an individual or entity has sustained property damage and/or bodily injury, pursuant to Georgia law a claim must be filed with the county within 12 months of the accident or occurrence. O.C.G.A. § 36-11-1. 

Citizens can dial 3-1-1 or visit to submit claim information online 24/7. 

After receiving the claim, the Risk Management Office will contact the citizen to begin an impartial investigation to determine if the county is liable. 

If it is determined there is liability on behalf of the county, the investigator will begin settlement negotiations to resolve the claim. If a settlement is reached, it must be approved by the appropriate authority prior to the release of a settlement check.

If it is determined that the county is not liable or the parties cannot agree on the amount of damages, the injured party may choose to file suit with the court having jurisdiction of the claim.

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1. How do I file a claim with Augusta, Georgia?
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