What if I cannot afford mediation?

Parties determined indigent, whose income does not exceed over 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for the State of Georgia in the applicable calendar year, and whose mediator is assigned by the ADR Office may apply for a fee waiver.               

                   Rules for Applying:

  • Parties must complete the required application at www.augustaga.gov/ADR/FWA. The application must be received in the ADR Office within at least ten days prior to the scheduled mediation date.
  • Domestic Relations cases: A fee waiver application will not be considered unless the applicant has completed the domestic violence screening as required by Rule 4(b) of the GA Supreme Court ADR Rules and filed a current financial affidavit. 
  • The ADR Office will assign the mediator in cases with approved fee waivers, unless otherwise determined by the ADR Office. 
  • Each party seeking a fee waiver must apply individually. Mediation fee waivers and fee reductions are approved on an individual basis. If only one party requested and was granted a fee waiver, the other party is required to pay their portion of the mediator’s hourly rate.
  • Confidentiality: All efforts shall be taken by the mediator and others to keep confidential the fact that one or more parties have applied and been granted a fee waiver.

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