I am a victim of domestic violence. Do I have to attend mediation?

The ADR office is required to screen each case for domestic violence. Screening conducted by the ADR director and program staff is strictly confidential. If the ADR Office determines that allegations of domestic violence exist, the decision of whether to mediate or not is left up to the alleged victim. The ADR Office will determine whether mediation can be done safely and free from coercion, Additionally, the ADR Office shall take reasonable steps to make the mediation session safe, such as requiring that mediation be held at the courthouse or conducted virtually. Divorce cases wherein family violence petitions have been simultaneously filed may be mediated with the consent of the alleging party. For domestic violence support, please visit: https://godr.org/registered-neutral/additional-resources/domestic-violence-support/ or call the Statewide Domestic Hotline number at 1-800-334-2836.

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5. I am a victim of domestic violence. Do I have to attend mediation?
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