8. What format should be used when submitting Unsolicited Proposals?

Format for Submissions. Unsolicited proposals shall contain, at a minimum, the following information: (a) a project description, (b) a project feasibility statement, (c) a proposed project schedule, (d) a project financing plan, (e) a business case statement that shall include a basic description of any direct and indirect benefits that the private entity can provide in delivering the project, including relevant cost, quality, methodology, and process for identifying the project and time frame data, (f) a description of any anticipated public support or opposition, (g) qualifications and experience (h) names and addresses of persons who may be contact and (i) any additional information as the local government may reasonably request to comply with the requirements of the PPFIA. Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing a concise description of the proposer’s capabilities to complete the proposed qualifying project and the benefits to be derived from the project by the local government. Such proposals may also include any additional pertinent information as determined by the proposer. 

Please visit:  http://www.augustaga.gov/unsolicitedproposal

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1. 1. What is an unsolicited proposal?
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8. 8. What format should be used when submitting Unsolicited Proposals?
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