7. How do I submit a formal proposal?

Time Period.  Unsolicited proposals for qualifying projects will be received by the Augusta, Georgia. Proposals will be received by 3:00 PM Monday thru Friday beginning on the first business day of JANUARY and ending on the last business day of MARCH of each year.  Such unsolicited proposals shall be in writing and shall be delivered to:

The Director of Procurement

Augusta Procurement Department


535 Telfair Street - Room 605

Augusta, Georgia  30901

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1. 1. What is an unsolicited proposal?
2. 2. What is NOT an unsolicited proposal?
3. 3. What constitutes a valid unsolicited proposal?
4. 4. What information is required on a valid unsolicited proposal?
5. 5. What about identifying and marking proprietary information?
6. 6. Does it cost anything to submit an unsolicited proposal?
7. 7. How do I submit a formal proposal?
8. 8. What format should be used when submitting Unsolicited Proposals?
9. 9. Will proposals that relate to a matter currently the subject of a competitive tender process be considered?
10. 10. Can I submit an unsolicited proposal to another government department/agency other than the Procurement Department?
11. 11. Why submit an unsolicited proposal if it might be subject to a competitive tender process?
12. 12. How long does each stage of the unsolicited proposals process take?
13. 13. How detailed should the initial submission be?
14. 14. Is there a minimum threshold for proposals that can be assessed under the unsolicited proposals guidelines?
15. 15. My proposal contains commercial-in-confidence information. How will this be treated throughout the unsolicited proposals process?
16. 16. My proposal contains details on intellectual property that I hold. How will this be treated throughout the unsolicited proposals process?
17. 17. Can I submit additional documentation (attachments) with my unsolicited proposal?
18. 18. Who can I contact after I have made a submission?
19. 19. My proposal did not proceed to Phase 2. Can I receive feedback on my proposal?
20. 20. I have submitted a proposal. Can I contact other government departments during the assessment of my proposal?