3. What constitutes a valid unsolicited proposal?

A valid unsolicited proposal must-

  • Be innovative and unique;
  • Be independently originated and developed by the offerer. Unsolicited proposals in response to a publicized general statement of agency needs are considered to be independently originated;
  • Be prepared without Government supervision, endorsement, direction, or direct Government involvement;
  • Include sufficient detail to permit a determination that Government support could be worthwhile and the proposed work could benefit the agency’s research and development or other mission responsibilities;
  • Not be an advance proposal for a known agency requirement that can be acquired by competitive methods, and
  • Not address a previously published agency requirement.

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1. 1. What is an unsolicited proposal?
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3. 3. What constitutes a valid unsolicited proposal?
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13. 13. How detailed should the initial submission be?
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15. 15. My proposal contains commercial-in-confidence information. How will this be treated throughout the unsolicited proposals process?
16. 16. My proposal contains details on intellectual property that I hold. How will this be treated throughout the unsolicited proposals process?
17. 17. Can I submit additional documentation (attachments) with my unsolicited proposal?
18. 18. Who can I contact after I have made a submission?
19. 19. My proposal did not proceed to Phase 2. Can I receive feedback on my proposal?
20. 20. I have submitted a proposal. Can I contact other government departments during the assessment of my proposal?