What can you do to help street sweepers?
Keeping the roadway in front of your home free of large objects and obstructions is the best way to assist street sweeping. We, therefore, ask residents to follow these guidelines:
Remove any vehicle parked on the street – any vehicle (car, truck, boat trailer, or recreational vehicle) parked on the street prevents the sweeper from reaching the curb lane where debris accumulates.
Keep large debris out of the road – large sticks, branches and pine needles will clog and jam the sweepers’ operating systems.
No garbage cans or yard waste in the street during sweep week – the municipal code does not allow garbage, recycling and yard waste containers to be on the street past the regular day of collection.
Trim trees – trees should be pruned to 14 feet above the curb. Contact 311 to report low branches if the tree is in the right of way. This is usually for trees growing between the sidewalk and the street.
Report low hanging wires – wires which are too low can cause sweepers and other large vehicles to hit them, and possibly tear them down. Please contact the company whose wires are too low, or contact 311 to report such issues.

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