What is a Stormwater credit and how do I apply for it?
Non-Residential properties may apply for a credit consistent with the Stormwater control measures in place on their property. The credits are based on costs commensurate with the costs of these activities to the City of Augusta.

These credits are:
1. A fully functioning and cleaned detention pond with maintenance records : 40% deduction.
2. Fully functioning water quality devices, with appropriate maintenance records: 15% deduction.
3. A current state industrial permit, with all required paperwork: 5% deduction.
4. Design of detention facilities to reduce the peak flow 10% below required post-development (required in Rock, Raes, and Rocky Creek Basins): 5% deduction.

To apply for a credit, please visit the Stormwater website and download the credit application manual. A registered Professional Engineer must submit the documents on your behalf. Stormwater credits applied for an received in 2016 will be applied retroactively to 2016 bills.

To download the Stormwater credit manual, go to http://www.augustaga.gov/stormwater and click on the "Stormwater Credit Manual" link on the left-hand side.
Stormwater Credit Manual

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