What will the stormwater utility fee pay for?
Services provided will include:
Developing and managing a master plan to identify, select and prioritize capital projects to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Stormwater Utility program in an efficient, fair and equitable manner throughout the city.
Meeting the increasing state and federal regulatory requirements contained in the City's stormwater permit
Implementation of a comprehensive maintenance system for vegetation control, storm pipe and structure cleaning, street sweeping, detention pond cleaning, and repairing damaged trap lids.
Establishment of an enterprise fund to fund emergency stormwater projects and bond larger stormwater projects.
Small drainage construction projects to address local flooding and drainage issues throughout Augusta-Richmond County; more than 50 have been designed, but were not previously funded
Mowing and other stewardship projects to preserve, enhance and restore the integrity of the City's water resources and improve the appearance of our “Garden City.”

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