What is a stormwater utility fee?
Because the city’s General Fund and SPLOST proceeds do not provide sufficient funding for the Stormwater Utility program, the City has adopted a stormwater utility fee to provide an adequate and stable source of funding for the Stormwater Utility program. It is a "fee for service" based on the amount of impervious surface area (hard surface that does not absorb water such as roofs, parking areas, sidewalks, etc.) on a property; all eligible properties are charged regardless of their tax status. Just as it is with the municipal water and sewer system, the stormwater utility fee is proportional to the services provided. This approach has several advantages. First, it fairly distributes the cost of the City’s stormwater services across all eligible properties based on the amount of impervious surface. Second, in accordance with state law, the revenue from fees must be placed in a fund that can only be used for stormwater management activities. Therefore, it establishes a dedicated funding source to accomplish the goals of the Stormwater Utility.

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