How does someone get summoned for jury duty service?
The pool from which our potential jurors are chosen is now a master list provided to us from the state of Georgia’s council of superior court clerks. This master list is comprised primarily of Richmond County’s voter registration citizens and all of Richmond County’s citizens registered with the department of driver’s services. Jurors must be randomly selected from this master list. If you are a voter registered in Richmond County, have a driver’s license or ID card, you may be summoned at any time.

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1. How does someone get summoned for jury duty service?
2. Who can be excused from jury duty?
3. Who can be deferred/excused from jury service?
4. What type of cases may require juries?
5. Can i bring my children with me?
6. Will i be paid for being a juror?
7. What should i wear to jury duty?
8. What happens to jurors who don’t report when their summons number is called for jury service?
9. What if i lost my summons?
10. Where can I locate an affidavit for deferral/excusal from jury service?