Why did Augusta update the web page?
A house or a business will redecorate in order to take advantage of the latest styles and color palettes, and to appeal to more customers. Technology is no different, and in the time that the previous site had been launched in 2009 the world has changed. Social media is more prevalent than ever, new programming techniques and tools are available, and frankly, the site needed to be spruced up. These factors contributed to the decision to launch a new, more vibrant web site that is in keeping with Augusta's desire to move forward and sample what the modern world has to offer, while still honoring the past.

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1. Who are the statues on the banner?
2. Why is an Azalea on the banner?
3. Why did Augusta update the web page?
4. What is a Mega Menu?
5. When did the new site launch?
6. Why are there large green buttons in the middle of the site?
7. There was a link on the old site that I cannot locate. What do I do?