What is Augusta 311?

August 311 is a division of the Central Services Department that is dedicated to bridging the gap between citizens and the various departments that make up this government body. If you are looking for specific services or information provided by Augusta, GA you can connect with us by using our 311 Web Portal, mobile app or dialing 3-1-1 from any local cellular or landline.  Contacting Augusta 311 gives you immediate access to answers and information.  If the Customer Service Representative is unable to answer your question on the spot, they are equipped with several resources that can aid in providing an answer.

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1. What is Augusta 311?
2. What is Augusta 311’s Web Portal?
3. Who can contact Augusta 311?
4. What are the hours of operation?
5. What is the difference between 311 and 911?
6. What is the difference between 311 and 211?
7. Do I have to provide my personal information to submit a service request via the mobile app., web portal or when I call Augusta 311?
8. How do I follow-up on my service request?
9. Who do I call if I have a complaint about the service I received?
10. Why can’t I call a specific department directly?
11. What happens if I forget my service request number?
12. What are the statuses of a service request and what do they mean?