Can I pay for my license renewal online?
Yes. Go to (Augusta CityView Portal) to Register or verify your profile information. You must have a valid Business License # (Example: LCB20110001234)-Must be 14-digits) populated to be associated with our business, allowing you to see and/or pay fees on line.

For your convenience, all Business License fees, except Excise Tax may now be paid on-line by a Registered user. After registering, Sign In on the “Augusta CityView Portal”, then choose My Items. Click the business license # link. If there is an outstanding fee balance, click the Pay Fee link and follow the prompts to make a secure payment. For question or assistance, please call (706) 312-5053.
Augusta CityView Portal

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1. On the urgent reminders where it states, practitioners of professions, as described in O.C.G.A. 48-13-9 (c) 1-18, have payment options. Does this apply to me?
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4. How much will my license cost?
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10. What is the SAVE form and why am I completing it?
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16. How do I get a Federal Work Authorization User Identification Number?
17. Am I required to submit the SAVE form every year?
18. Am I required to submit the E-Verify form every year?
19. Can I pay for my license renewal online?