How is the fine amount determined?
Violations are determined to be payable and fines set by the Judges of this court in accordance with applicable state laws, click here to see a list of fines. The fines set forth in the Bond Order reflect a lower fine amount. This lower fine results from cost savings being passed on due to your citation not being prosecuted initially by the Richmond County Solicitor General’s Office.List of Fines

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1. What is the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB)?
2. Are all violations eligible to go to the TVB?
3. Can I pay online?
4. What payment methods are available?
5. Can I make a partial payment?
6. How is the fine amount determined?
7. Where can I call to ask questions?
8. How long do I have to make my payment?
9. Will TVB offenses add points to my license?
10. Am I pleading guilty when I pay online?
11. What happens if I don't pay the citation?
12. I am a juvenile (16 years of age or younger). What do I do?
13. What if I feel that I didn't commit the offense with which I'm charged?