How do I check on the payment status of a PO?
Contact the Accounting Department at 706-821-2334.

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1. How do I become a vendor with Augusta, GA?
2. To whom do we submit our bids and proposals? Also, who should we direct our questions to about bids?
3. Where do I go to check if a bid has been advertised?
4. May I view the actual plans and specifications for bids from Augusta, GA?
5. How may I obtain the bid tabulation sheet after a bid has been opened?
6. Why am I required to have an E-Verify number?
7. How do I acquire an E-Verify number?
8. If I am already enrolled in E-Verify, how do I acquire a copy of my Memorandum of Understand (MOU)?
9. What is SAVE and why do I have to complete a SAVE Affidavit?
10. How do I check on the payment status of a PO?
11. How can I acquire proof of tax exemption for Augusta?
12. What if I discover a mistake or problem on a purchase order issued to my company?