Can I use a modular building for a commercial occupancy?

Yes. If it is a pre-owned modular building the Industrialized Building (IB) Program allows existing Industrialized Buildings that are being renovated, moved, or changed in occupancy to go through the re-manufacturing process. The re-manufacture process in the IB program requires the buildings to be brought into “substantial” compliance with current code. The re-manufacture process requires that an existing industrialized building be:

  • 1) Inspected by a third party - Click Here
  • 2) New plans drawn to bring the building into substantial compliance and
  • 3) The building be re-inspected by the third party to ensure the changes were completed by the contractor.

Once the building is approved by the third party it will be issued a new DCA Re-Manufacture Insignia to be placed on the building.

Exception: On September 13, 2012 The Construction Advisory Board voted an approved a modular building of Group B occupancy to be allowed if the DCA Insignia is less than five years old at the discretion of the Building and Fire Departments.

Link to Approved Third Party Inspector.....

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