If the adoption does not work out, can I bring it back and get my money back?
  • AAS makes every effort to match the animal and family; therefore, we urge families to spend as much time as possible with a new pet, in order to make the best selection. You are strongly encouraged to have your family meet the pet before the adoption.  We encourage you to bring in any pet(s) that you currently own so the animals have a chance to meet and interact before the adoption occurs.
  • We will never turn your pet away; you can always return it, but we do not offer refunds.

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1. What time are you open to take complaints, retrieve pets and/or adoptions.
2. I’ve lost my pet, what do I do now?
3. How long do I have to reclaim my pet after Animal services has picked it up? How long do you hold stray animals at your facility?
4. How do I report stray animals, animal abuse or animal cruelty?
5. What happens to unclaimed animals?
6. What are your adoption requirements?
7. What does the adoption fee include?
8. Is the animal house trained?
9. If the adoption does not work out, can I bring it back and get my money back?
10. What are the requirements or legal responsibilities do I have when I own a pet in Richmond County?
11. What vaccinations are required by law for pets
12. Who do I contact about nuisance barking dogs?
13. Will Animal Services give my dog all its shots or fix animals?
14. Will you come and pick up my pet from my home?
15. I live in another county; can I surrender my pet to your facility?
16. What should I do if I am bitten by a dog or cat?
17. What do I do, if I find a bat?
18. Additional Resources:
19. Do I have to register my pet?
20. Does Animal Services handle nuisance wildlife?