What Are The Requirements For New Commercial Construction Permits?

New construction permits require three sets of drawings and an approved site plan. All plans for new construction and alterations shall be sealed by an architect or engineer legally registered under the laws of this state for the following:

  • All Group A, E, I occupancies
  • Building and structures three stories or more high
  • Buildings and structures 5,000 sq ft or more in area.
    Plans are required on all commercial jobs.
    One set is forwarded to the Fire Marshal’s Office for their review, one set is retained for our records, and one set is given to the contractor at the time of permitting. All associated fees are required at the time of permitting.
    The drawings may be submitted for review without the approved site plan but no permits will be issued until an approved copy of the site plan is submitted.
    Drawings shall be prepared and shall bear the seal of the registered architect in the following: Assembly occupancies, educational occupancies, health care occupancies, correction or detention facilities, hotels, dormitories or lodging facilities, multi-family housing or apartment complexes, care facilities, and any occupancy other than single family residences and domestic outbuildings that exceeds 5,000 square feet and three or more stories in height.
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