What is the difference between a special election, a primary election, and a general election?
A 'special election' means an election that arises from some emergency or special need outside the usual routine. This could include a vacancy in a public office or the holding of a county referendum. An example of a referendum would be the holding of a special local option sales tax question in the county.

A 'primary' means any election held for the purpose of electing party officers or nominating candidates for public offices to be voted upon at a general election. In Georgia, political parties are defined as any political organization that at the preceding Gubernatorial election nominated a candidate for Governor and whose candidate for Governor at such election pulled at least 20 percent of the total votes cast in the state for Governor or in a Presidential election nominated a candidate for President of the United States and whose candidates for presidential electors at such election pulled at least 20 percent of the total votes cast in the nation for that office. At the present time, recognized political parties in Georgia include the Democratic and Republican parties.

A 'general election' is held at intervals fixed by law. In Georgia, the general election is held the Tuesday after the first Monday of November in each even-numbered year. Most terms of office are for four years. Exceptions to this include six-year terms for United States Senators and two-year terms for Georgia General Assembly members and United States Representatives. The general election will include the candidates nominated at the political party primaries, political body candidates nominated by petition or state convention, independent candidates through the petition process, and write-in candidates.

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