Parks Division

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Name Title Email Phone
Hegnery, Gary Deputy Director-Parks 706-842-2680
Athlerholt, Laurie Safety & Training Coordinator 706-796-5027
Bennett, Darrell Parks Maintenance Superintendent (706) 821-1578
Smith, Sam Parks Maintenance Superintendent (706) 826-4783
Prioleau, Teasha Office Assistant-Parks (706) 826-2685

Augusta Riverwalk 

5th - 10th Streets
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 821-1578

Name Title Email Phone
Lee, Julia Parks Maintenance Supervisor (706) 821-1578
Carter, Chad Parks Maintenance Worker    
Hamilton, Matt Parks Maintenance Worker    
Rhodes, William Parks Maintenance Worker    
Steed, Merrion Parks Maintenance Worker    
Wright, Beverly Parks Maintenance Worker    

Augusta Soccer Park 

3824 Maddox Road
Augusta, GA 30909

(706) 854-0149

(706) 854-9119

Link: Augusta Soccer Park Page

Arsenal Cemetery 

Arsenal Road
Augusta, GA 30904

(706) 821-1746

Link: Arsenal Cemetery Homepage

Baurle Boat Ramp at Lock & Dam Park 

2116 Lock and Dam Road
Augusta, GA 30906

(706) 821-1578

Link: Baurle Boat Ramp at Lock and Dam Park Page

Cedar Grove Cemetery 

120 Watkins Street
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 821-1748

Link: Cedar Grove Cemetery Page

Name Title Email Phone
Hall, Reggie Parks Maintenance Supervisor (706) 821-1748
Simpkins, Leonard Parks Maintenance Worker    

Diamond Lakes Regional Park 

4335 Windsor Spring Rd.
Hephzibah, GA 30815

(706) 771-2980

Link: Diamond Lakes Regional Park Homepage

Name Title Email Phone
Flythe, Michael Parks Maintenance Worker  
Guy, Robert Parks Maintenance Worker    
Lyons-Curry, Curtiss Parks Maintenance Worker  
Butler, Kenneth Recreation Associate-Parks    
Lott, Patricia Recreation Associate-Parks    
Ogiba, Andrew Recreation Associate-Parks    
Tanksley, Juan Recreation Associate-Parks    

Diamond Lakes Campground 

113 Diamond Lakes Way
Hephzibah, GA 30815

(706) 726-7040

Link: Diamond Lakes Campground Homepage

Landscape & Grounds Maintenance Shop 


Name Title Email Phone
Anderson , Willie Parks Maintenance Worker  
Armstrong, Millie Parks Maintenance Worker    
Clements, George Parks Maintenance Worker (706) 796-4082
Fallen, Michael Parks Maintenance Worker    
Gordon, Paul Athletic Turf Specialist (706) 796-4091
Gunter, Wendall Parks Maintenance Worker  
Harris, Eugene Parks Maintenance Worker    
Jackson, Octavious Parks Maintenance Worker    
Lawson, Alfred Parks Maintenance Worker    
Manigault, Rayshawn Parks Maintenance Worker    
Perry, George Parks Maintenance Supervisor    
Rucker, BJ Parks Maintenance Supervisor, Senior  
Sharp, Raymond Parks Maintenance Worker    
Shirley, Charles Parks Maintenance Worker  
Smith, Carl Parks Maintenance Worker    
Smith, Christopher Skilled Maintenance Worker  
Smith, Roland Parks Maintenance Worker    
Washington, Vittirio Parks Maintenance Worker    
Young, MacDaniel Parks Maintenance Supervisor (706) 842-5501

Lake Olmstead Park 

2205 Broad Street
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 796-5025

Link: Lake Olmstead Park

New Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam Park 

1853 Lock and Dam Rd.
Augusta, GA 30906

(706) 796-5025

Link: New Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam Park Page

Name Title Email Phone
Hayes, Pamela Parks Maintenance Worker    

Magnolia Cemetery 

702 3rd Street
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 821-1746

(706) 821-1753

Link: Magnolia Cemetery Homepage

Name Title Email Phone
Blocker, Eric Parks Maintenance Superisor  
Murphy, Jerry Administrative Assistant I (706) 821-1746
Gardner, Archie Parks Maintenance Worker    
Toole, Tommy Parks Maintenance Worker    
Reeves, Octavious Parks Maintenance Worker    

Pendleton King Park 

1600 Troupe Street
Augusta, GA 30904


Link: Pendleton King Park Homepage

Name Title Email Phone
Dixon, Joseph Recreation Associate-Parks    
Vann, Leonard Recreation Associate-Parks    

Riverfront Marina 

1 Riverfront Drive
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 869-5404

Link: Riverfront Marina & 5th Street Marina Page

Riverwalk Marina 

1 Fifth Street
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 869-5404

Link: Riverfront Marina & Riverwalk Marina

Rollersville Cemetery 

1600 Block of Hicks Street
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 821-1746

Link: Rollersville Cemetery Homepage

Summerville Cemetery 

Fitten Street and Johns Road
Augusta, GA 30904

(706) 821-1746

Link: Summerville Cemetery Homepage

West View Cemetery 

2051 Division Street
Augusta, GA 30904

(706) 733-6741

Link: West View Cemetery Homepage

Name Title Email Phone
Brown, Chevalier "Chevy" Parks Maintenance Supervisor (706) 733-6741
Jones, Roger Parks Maintenance Worker    
Smith, Terence Parks Maintenance Worker    
Anderson, Lynda Recreation Associate-Parks   (706) 733-6741