After an RDD Attack

After the Attack

After finding safe shelter, those who may have been exposed to radioactive material should decontaminate themselves. To do this, remove and bag your clothing, isolate it away from you and others, and shower thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention after officials indicate it is safe to leave shelter.

Contamination from an RDD event could affect a wide area, depending on the amount of conventional explosives used, the quantity and type of radioactive material released, and meteorological conditions. Radiation dissipation rates vary, but radiation from an RDD will likely take longer to dissipate due to a potentially larger localized concentration of radioactive material.

Follow these additional guidelines after an RDD event:
  • Continue listening to your radio or watching your TV for instructions from local officials, whether you have evacuated or sheltered-in-place
  • Do not return to or visit an RDD incident location for any reason