Collection Options


There are at least two methods that are available to you for collection of a judgment rendered in Civil Court. There is no guarantee that either of these methods will be successful:


Garnishment is a means of legally seizing wages or property of a person being held by a third person such as an employer or bank. The defendant must be employed in Richmond County, Georgia or have an active bank account, (you must know where the person works, or the bank where the person holds their funds.) Cost for filing a garnishment is $125.

Garnishment forms needed for filing are located in the Clerk’s Office along with the instructions for filing. Please indicate to the Clerk if you are filing a garnishment on a bank account, an employer, or other entity.


After the fifa (fieri facias) has been issued and recorded on the General Execution Docket, you may ask the Clerk to direct the fifa to the Marshal’s Department which will explain the procedure from this point, should you decide to use this method. Cost for this action is $50.