During an RDD Attack

During the Attack

While the explosive blast will be immediately obvious, the presence of radiation will not be known until trained personnel with specialized equipment arrive on the scene.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, at home or at work, be extra cautious. It would be safer to assume radiological contamination has occurred, particularly in an urban setting or near other likely terrorist targets.

Take proper precautions. As with any radiation, you want to avoid or limit exposure. This is particularly true of inhaling radioactive dust that results from the explosion. As you seek shelter from any location, indoors or outdoors, breathe through the cloth of your shirt or coat to limit your exposure to protect yourself from visual contaminants or dust in the air. Your proximity to radioactive particles may still result in exposure even if you don't breathe in the dust.

If the explosion or radiological release occurs inside, get out immediately and seek safe shelter. Otherwise, if you are:
  • Outdoors
    • Seek shelter indoors immediately in the nearest undamaged building
    • If appropriate shelter is not available, move as rapidly as is safe upwind and away from the location of the explosive blast; seek appropriate shelter again as soon as possible
    • Listen for official instructions and follow directions
  • Indoors
    • If you have time, turn off ventilation and heating systems; close windows, vents, fireplace dampers, exhaust fans, and clothes dryer vents
    • Retrieve your disaster supplies kit and a battery-powered radio and take them to your shelter room
    • Seek shelter immediately, preferably underground or in an interior room of a building, placing as much distance and dense shielding as possible between you and outside
    • Seal windows and external doors that do not fit snugly with duct tape to reduce infiltration of radioactive particles. Plastic sheeting will not provide shielding from radioactivity nor from blast effects from a nearby explosion
    • Listen for official instructions and follow directions