Instructions & Cost Schedule


  • Dispossessory warrants are primarily designed for the removal of the tenant, not for the collection of the rent.
  • Demand for possession of the premises must be made to the tenant before you can swear out a dispossessory affidavit.
  • Dispossessory affidavits must be sworn to before a Deputy Clerk or a notary public.
  • The filing fee (deposit) consists of costs for filing the affidavit and service of the dispossessory on the tenant by the Deputy Marshal.
  • Please have the following paperwork when filing a dispossessory action.
    • For one tenant: One original and two copies of the dispossessory form and one letter-size plain envelope with sufficient postage affixed.
    • For two tenants: One original and four copies of the dispossessory form and two letter-size plain envelopes with sufficient postage affixed.
  • Once the tenant has been served, you will receive a postcard from the Marshal’s Department advising of the service date. The tenant has seven days from the date of service to file an answer. When an answer is filed, a hearing will be scheduled and you will receive a copy of the notice advising of the date, place, and time to appear for the hearing. If the tenant does not answer, you may come into the office and request a judgment and writ of possession on the eighth day after the tenant has been served.
  • Labor for the removal of the tenant’s property is the responsibility of the landlord. The Deputy Marshal cannot remove the property.

Cost Schedule

  • Affidavit and service on one tenant - $109.00
  • Affidavit and service on two tenants - $169.00
  • Each additional service - $60.00
  • Writ (must be paid at the time of filing) - $65.00
Please be aware that deposits are non-refundable. This office does not accept personal checks or credit cards.