The Facade Rehab Program is not currently available due to lack of funding.  This page will be updated if funds are made available.

Historic Preservation of Commercial Structures

The Façade Rehabilitation Grant Program is designed to improve the appearance of historic buildings, stimulate private investment in these structures, and make the Central Business District, the Laney-Walker Multiple Resource Area and Old Town more attractive to business activity.

The program makes available grants of up to $15,000 ($30,000 for a corner building) to rehabilitate or restore the facades of qualifying historic structures. In return, property owners are required to spend a matching amount on correcting code deficiencies and making interior renovations.

Selection Criteria

  • The structure must be within the boundaries of a National Register Historic District, or a local historic district designated under the Augusta Historic Preservation Ordinance.
  • The structure must be at least 40 years old.

Owner's Requirements

  • Match the amount spent by the Augusta-Richmond County on the exterior façade with its own interior rehabilitation work.
  • Agree to the removal and replacement of any non-conforming signs on the structure.
  • Grant the City a 10-year easement on the façade
  • Agree to have building tested for Lead-Based paint (LBP), if tests results are positive, owner must assume responsibility for its removal.
For additional information or questions please contact the Program Coordinator at (706) 821-1797.