The Historic Preservation Commission is authorized to:
  • Prepare and maintain an inventory of historic properties in Augusta-Richmond County
  • Recommend the designation of local historic properties and districts to the Augusta Commission
  • Review applications for Certificates of Appropriateness involving a change in the exterior architectural or environmental features of a designated historic property or a property located in a designated historic district
  • Recommend to the Augusta Commission that the designation of a local historic property or district be revoked
  • Restore or preserve any historic properties owned by Augusta-Richmond County as authorized by the Augusta Commission
  • Promote the acquisition of façade easements and conservation easements
  • Conduct educational programs on local historic properties and on general historic preservation activities
  • Conduct studies of historic preservation matters, including consultation with historic preservation experts, as deemed necessary
  • Seek out local, state, federal and private funds for historic preservation, and make recommendations to the Augusta Commission concerning the most appropriate use of any funds acquired
  • Submit a list of historic properties and districts designated to the Historic Preservation Division and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources
  • Perform historic preservation activities as the official representative of the Augusta-Richmond County historic preservation program
  • Employ and compensate persons, as authorized by the Augusta Commission, to carry out responsibilities of the Historic Preservation Commission
  • Elect, from among its members, a member or members to carry out responsibilities of the Commission
  • Receive donations, grants, funds, or gifts of historic property and acquire and sell historic properties on behalf of the Augusta Commission
  • Review and make comments on nominations of historic properties or districts to the National Register of Historic Places and Georgia Register of Historic Places
  • Participate in private, state, and federal historic preservation programs
  • Advise the Augusta-Richmond County Fire Department on the utilization of alternative concepts for historic properties pursuant to O.C.G.A. Sec. 8-2-2—through 8-2-222 and O.C.G.A. Sec. 25-2-13, where these code sections have been made applicable to historic properties in Augusta-Richmond County
  • Issue citations for violations of the historic preservation ordinance
  • Petition the appropriate court to enjoin actions in violation of the historic preservation ordinance
  • Institute any other appropriate action to enforce compliance with the terms of the historic preservation ordinance