Time Frame & Content

Time Frame

The ARTS TIP covers a three-year period for the Georgia portion of the study area and a five-year period for the South Carolina part. The annual update of the TIP begins about five months prior to the state of a new program year.

The TIP is usually adopted by the Policy Committee in June of each year. The TIP must also be approved by the governors of Georgia and South Carolina. The TIP is subject to amendment during the program year.

Projects in the ARTS TIP are included in the Georgia and South Carolina State TIPs.


The ARTS TIP includes all transportation projects, or identified phases of a project within the study area, proposed for funding with federal highway and transit funds.

The following information is included for each TIP project:
  • Description
  • Estimated total cost
  • Amount of federal funds allocated each program year
  • Proposed sources of funding
  • Responsible implementing agencies
The TIP must be financially constrained for each program year. The TIP financial plan must demonstrate that the identified projects can be implemented using current and proposed revenue sources.

In the ARTS TIP, projects are grouped by state (Georgia, South Carolina) and by type of project (road, transit). The TIP also lists projects from the previous TIP that have been implemented, and identifies any significant delays in the implementation of major projects.