Civil Court Instructions


The following information is addressed to all landlords or their agents:
  • The Deputy Clerks cannot give legal advice
  • Only a lawyer can give you legal advice
  • Landlords have the burden of keeping track of the progress of their cases

Before Filing an Affidavit

Please read all of the following information and instructions in their entirety before filling out the affidavit: General Information
  • An affiant is the person signing the affidavit. A landlord may be a person, a corporation, or a partnership.
  • A tenant may be a person, a corporation or a partnership. Azalea Apartments is not a proper party. Jefferson, Inc. D/B/A Azalea Apartments is a proper party.
  • The affidavit form is designed primarily for use when rent is owed, or a tenant is holding over after the lease has expired. If you have other legal grounds, they can be stated. However, if your situation does not lend itself to using the form you should probably retain a lawyer.

Additional Necessary Information

Before filling out an affadavit, please read the following: