Objective & Policy


Augusta, Georgia is firmly committed to the principles of equal opportunity and in keeping with these principles, hereby sets forth a program and establishes a mechanism for developing, approving, and implementing procedures by which local small business enterprises shall be identified, informed and educated regarding opportunities for supplying goods, general services, and construction services required by Augusta, Georgia, and providing for objectives for bidders to incorporate the use of Local Small Businesses as commercially useful sub-contractors, thereby promoting balanced economic and community growth throughout Augusta, Georgia. The LSBOP is a race and gender-neutral program.


It is the policy of Augusta, Georgia that all necessary and reasonable steps shall be taken to ensure that LSB enterprises have the maximum opportunity to compete for and participate in all contracts and subcontracts funded by or through Augusta, Georgia governing authority. Further, the Augusta, Georgia Commission has determined, as a means to ensure full economic participation by small business, that a mechanism for developing, approving, and implementing a LSBOP is required.

Augusta, Georgia has established the LSBOP to promote opportunities for registered Local Small Businesses to participate in Augusta, Georgia’s contracting and procurement activities by requiring contractors to utilize registered Local Small Businesses to perform commercially useful functions to the maximum extent possible and as economically feasible, as partners or subcontractors for service delivery or as suppliers of various goods required in the performance of a contract. This LSBOP is in addition to and shall not supplant the Local Preference Ordinance of Code §1-10-6.

Augusta's LSBOP shall comply with Federal and State requirements applicable to small or disadvantaged business, including, but not limited to, those requirements set forth by regulation of the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Georgia Department of Transportation. It is expressly recognized that such Federal and State regulations preempt Augusta's regulations regarding this subject.


For more information, contact the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Department at (706) 821-2406.