Victim & Witness Assistance


The Victim and Witness Assistance Office offers aid to victims of misdemeanor crimes and helps crime victims exercise their rights. Services are confidential and free of charge for both victims of crimes and witnesses to crimes.


Services include case status information, notice of court proceedings, information about the criminal justice system, escort to court proceedings, and moral support in the courtroom.

Other services consist of referrals to social service agencies to assist victims and witnesses, employer intervention to explain lost time from work due to required court appearances, restitution requests, advocacy and support, and release notification when the defendant is released from custody.

Victim of a crime? Witness to a crime? You have rights. Victim and Witness Assistance is here to help. View our Victim and Witness Assistance Presentation.

Contact Us

If you are the victim of a crime or a witness to a crime, you may contact us via phone 24 hours a day to provide changes of address and telephone number. You may also contact us via phone for information about your case status during normal business hours.

The Rights of Victims in Georgia

Under Title 17 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, victims of crimes have certain rights which include:
  • Notification of each stage of the judicial process
  • Giving opinions on release from custody and bond or sentencing conditions
  • A private waiting area during court proceedings
  • Protection from intimidation and harm
  • The right to refuse to talk to the defense attorney or anyone from his/her office about the case
  • Receiving compensation or restitution when eligible