Office Profile


The Office of Solicitor General is led by Omeeka Loggins.


The office is organized into five functional units that collectively manage over 50,000 cases annually:

  • Reception and Case Coordination
  • Arraignment
  • Domestic Violence Arraignment
  • Traffic Arraignment
  • Victim / Witness Assistance


On behalf of the State of Georgia, the Office of the Solicitor General prosecutes cases arising from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, Georgia Department of Driver Services, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Augusta University Public Safety, Paine College Police, and Georgia State Patrol.

The Office of Solicitor General also works with numerous service providers including Richmond County Rape Crisis / Sexual Assault Services; CSRA Domestic Violence Intervention Center; Community Mental Health, Richmond County Division; Department of Family and Children’s Services, Richmond County Division; Department of Health, Georgia Regional Hospital; and Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Division of Forensic Services.