Law Department

The Augusta Law Department is responsible for all the legal affairs of Augusta, Georgia, the second largest city in the State of Georgia. The Law Department is vested with exclusive jurisdiction of all legal matters pertaining to the consolidated government. The Law Department performs affirmative and defensive civil litigation on behalf of Augusta, Georgia, its elected officials, county officers and employees. Law Department Attorneys draft and review local and State legislation, governmental policies and procedures, and various contracts. They perform real estate transactions, draft legal opinions on matters of legal concern to the elected officials, executive and administrative branches.

The Law Department also attends all meetings of the Augusta-Richmond County Commission and its committees. The Law Department performs all other activities usual and customary to municipal corporation counsel.

The Law Department does not provide legal advise to the general public, however, the web page may assist you with some general legal information while providing you with information on who we are and what we do.

The Law Department is comprised of two legal divisions and one support division. It is staffed with six lawyers, three support professionals, one paralegal , and is led by the General Counsel, chief legal officer for the county, who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and the Augusta-Richmond County Commission.