Foreclosure on Personal Property


Please complete the following instructions for filing a foreclosure on personal property in the Augusta Magistrate Court. For additional information,

Foreclosure Petition

Complete foreclosure petition by typing or printing all required information on the front and back of the petition.

The following materials are required:
  • One defendant - Original petition, two copies, and one envelope with sufficient postage
  • Two defendants - Original petition, four copies, and two envelopes with sufficient postage

Cost for Filing and Service of Affidavit

  • One defendant - $95
  • Two defendants - $ 145
  • Each additional defendant - $50
  • Writ of Possession - $50

Additional Instructions

  • Copies of the Security Agreement must be attached to the original and all copies.
  • As the plantiff, you will receive a postcard from the Marshal's Department indicating the date of service on the defendant.
  • Once an answer has been filed, a hearing will be scheduled. You will receive notice of the time and date the hearing will be held.
  • All hearings are held in Courtroom 315 on the third floor of the Municipal Building.
  • If the defendant fails to answer, you are required to prepare the writ of possession and order. You may mail or deliver the writ of possession and order. No request for writ and order will be accepted by telephone or fax.
  • Once the judge has granted the writ of possession and order, the Marshal's Department will contact you to schedule execution of the writ.

Clerk's Office

Suite 1400
735 James Brown Blvd.
Augusta, GA 30901
Ph: (706) 821-2370

Marshal's Department

Suite 720
535 Telfair St.
Augusta, GA 30901
Ph: (706) 821-2368