Training Division

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Duties and Responsibilities

This division provides training in all areas of firefighting which includes:
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Life Safety Code
  • Building Construction
  • Fire Inspection Principles and Practices
  • Driver’s Training
  • Various other classes
The Training Center is located on Central Avenue. It is designed for classroom instruction of new recruits. Firefighting training takes place in restricted spaces of the stations or grounds of other facilities.

This facility is also used to accommodate physical training needs such as firefighting, hazardous material, high-angle / confined-space rescue, emergency vehicle operation, water rescue, and vehicle extrication training.

Fire Safety Education

Fire Safety Education includes the following:
  • Adopt-A-School - A program that teaches fire safety to grade school children
  • Juvenile Firesetter - A program that targets juveniles that have set fires or are fascinated with fires
  • Retired Senior Volunteers – This program accepts senior citizens as volunteers to assist with Fire Safety events
  • Citizen Evacuation Drill – A mock emergency scenario is simulated to give participants a hands-on perspective of emergency fire evacuation