Water Rates & Fees

Starting with the first bill issued in January 2019, the new Commission approved residential rate structure will be going into effect. This rate will greatly simplify how bills are calculated, will eliminate the sizable jump in sewer bills from 3-4,000 gallons of consumption, and will no longer bill the same for 0 to 3,000 gallons of consumption. The net effect is that many residential customers will have lower bills in 2019 compared to what they would have seen using the prior rate structure. Please see the new rate structure schedule and the comparison of bills using the new rate structure versus bills that would have been calculated using the previous rate structure.

The commercial rate structure will remain the same, with a 2.25% increase going into effect on 1/1/19. This equates to the annual rate increase of 3% being moved three months earlier to January. In the future, rate increases will be effective January 1st of each year.

Copy of 2019 Water Rates