Inflatable Play Equipment

Rules and Regulations

The following policies apply to all individuals and groups that make use of inflatable play equipment at a park or facility operated by the Augusta Recreation & Parks Department. Electricity is not provided for inflatable equipment and water inflatables are not allowed in parks. Inflatable play equipment is prohibited without a Augusta Recreation & Parks Department
issued permit. Users of inflatable play equipment or similar apparatus are subject to the following conditions and requirements.

  • Users must first obtain a permit for use in a public park or rent a Recreation & Parks gymnasium as part of the event.
  • Inflatable play equipment must be rented from a company that has a current valid business license and proof of liability insurance ($500,000 minimum).
  • Permit holder and inflatable play equipment company must execute an agreement to indemnify and defend the Augusta Recreation & Parks Department from any liability related to the use of the inflatable play equipment and naming them as co-insured as required.
  • The Augusta Recreation & Parks Department reserves the right to limit the number and size of inflatable play equipment being used.
  • Inflatable play equipment is to be set up only by the rental company in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Inflatable play equipment must be under supervision by an adult at least 18 years old at all times. Inflatable play equipment is not allowed in parks or gymnasiums overnight.
  • Inflatable play equipment must be free standing and weighted. Stakes are prohibited in parks unless approved as a special condition of a special event.
  • Inflatable play equipment must not be tied or tethered to trees, tables, or other park amenities.
  • Inflatable play equipment users must provide adequate supervision so that the user is in compliance with manufacturers' recommendations and reflects safe levels of operation.
  • The user is responsible for all damages caused by the inflatable play equipment to the parks or gymnasium.
  • No vehicles are allowed in parks or on walkways.
  • The Augusta Recreation & Parks Department is not responsible for any damage to the inflatable play equipment.
  • Failure by the permit holder or vendor to adhere to these policies will result in immediate removal of inflatable play equipment from the park or gymnasium and may result in denial of future use of Augusta Recreation & Parks Department facilities. Damages to the park resulting from the use of inflatable play equipment are the financial responsibility of the permit holder.
  • The permit holder is required to provide the Augusta Recreation & Parks Department with all required paperwork and fees before the inflatable play equipment permit is approved.