Why We Use Fire Trucks

When a life threatening medical emergency arises, the Augusta Fire Department is here to help. Some may wonder why a fire truck shows up when they called for an ambulance. Our trucks are staffed with trained First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Paramedics.

Once the 9-1-1 Center determines that a call for help is life-threatening they dispatch the closest fire truck along with the ambulance. With 19 fire stations strategically placed throughout the community, we can get to your crisis quickly and, in most cases, in half the time it takes an ambulance to respond.

Equipment and Capabilities

All of our fire trucks are equipped with Automatic External Defibrillators which have proven their value by their record of saving those in cardiac arrest. We carry supplies to handle all types of medical emergencies from bandages to oxygen and have trained staff that is proficient in their use.

We carry other diagnostic and therapeutic equipment including Pulse Oximeter and Carbon Dioxide units which allow us to evaluate how well our treatment is doing.

While we currently provide Basic Life Support measures, the department is currently upgrading our service to provide Advanced Life Support treatment. All with the goal of improving immediate life-saving interventions resulting in better patient outcomes.

Our Mission

We feel it is our obligation to the community we serve to provide the best possible service. We live, work, and raise our families here and will continue to work hard at improving the Emergency Medical Service system in Augusta.