Employee Relations & Training Division

Employee Relations

  • Counsel and advise department management regarding employee issues such as employee grievances, discipline, and/or termination
  • Conduct exit interviews for employees leaving City service
  • Administer a number of programs designed to help employees maintain balance between their work life and home life such as employee assistance program, Save employee discount programs, employee suggestion program, and many others
  • Administer the employee recognition and awards program
  • Performance management system, appraisal and Performance Improvement Plans

Training & Development

  • Develop, prepare, and present training programs covering a wide variety of job-related topics and areas, with particular emphasis on those traditionally presented by Human Resources personnel, i.e. development training, or others as directed by law of statue
  • Research and document federal and state mandated training
  • Determine standards and requirements for program content and designs
  • Prepare and present training sessions / classes in a multimedia environment
  • Maintain records of training and prepare reports as requested
  • Coordinate and monitor the outsourcing or contracting of training
  • Implement and manage the Career Development Program
  • Research and develop staff and finalize polices as requested