Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Project Background

Between June 2002 and February 2003 an update was completed to the ARTS Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. ARTS contracted with the firm ARCADIS, Inc. to complete the plan update.

The plan update included background research on existing conditions and routes within the region, identifying routes that create a connected network of both bicycle and pedestrian facilities linking major destinations, and prioritizing future projects based on regional needs and desires.

The resulting document is a phased action plan with specific policies, strategies, and projects with cost estimates and identified funding opportunities.

View the ARTS Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. For more detailed info as well as newsletter updates, view other related information.


The information shows the steps of the planning process. View the planning process diagram.
  • Develop and implement public involvement plan
  • Conduct background research
  • Develop goals, objectives, and evaluation criteria
  • Identify and select potential projects
  • Prepare final plan

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