Agendas, Minutes, & Video

Full Agenda Books Available for Download

The agendas and minutes for meetings of the Augusta-Richmond County Commission are available online via the Agenda Books Application. This application will allow you to choose a meeting type and date and then view the agenda and corresponding minutes of meetings.

Agenda Books Application

Agendas for upcoming Committee meetings will be available at the end of the day on the Thursday prior to the meetings. Agendas for upcoming Commission meetings will be available at the end of the day on the Friday prior to the meeting. Committee Meeting minutes will be available on the Friday of the week of the meeting, and Commission Meeting minutes will be available three days after the meeting has concluded.

Other Augusta Government Documents

To search for documents that have been approved by the Augusta-Richmond County Commission and have received all necessary signatures, please visit WebLink.

There, you will be able to view and print resolutions, ordinances, agreements, contracts, etc. that have been fully approved by the Augusta, Georgia government since the City of Augusta and Richmond County consolidated their governments in 1996.