Lost or Stray Animals

Please be aware that the animals that are listed as lost or stray are not available for adoption.  Stray animals are held for a stray holding period of 5 full business days before they can be assessed for adoption status.  Please do not call inquiring about adopting an animal that is still on a stray hold.  All animals that are made available for adoption will be shown on our Adoption page.  Thank you for your understanding! 

Augusta Animal Services receives over 6,000 animals annually, some are released by their owners, but the majority of animals come in as strays. Less than 550 animals are reclaimed by their owners annually. Augusta Animal Services wants to assist you in your efforts to reunite you with your pet.

City ordinance requires that pets be under an owners control at all times. Do NOT allow pets to run loose, secure pets inside a fenced area or leash walk them.

Make sure that your pet ALWAYS wears its collar and tags. The ordinances also require pet owners to keep a collar, current rabies tag and an identification tag, with the owner’s name, address and phone number on their pets.

Pets can lose collars and tags, so it is strongly recommended that you have your pet micro chipped by your veterinarian.

AAS provides microchipping services during our regular business hours.  Microchips are $15. Micro chipping is the only permanent form of identification. If your pet is micro-chipped, gets lost and is picked up by Augusta Animal Services, it will be scanned and you will be contacted to retrieve your pet. Therefore, it is vitally important that if you have your pet micro chipped, you register the chip number with a national database company. Unregistered chips are as worthless as lost collars/tags.

Tips to help find your missing pet

  • Come to Augusta Animal Services shelter, during business hours, to look for your pet. The shelter is located at 4164 Mack Lane Augusta, GA 30906 and is open to the public, Monday – Friday from 11am – 5pm and Saturday from 12pm - 5pm, excluding city observed holidays.
  • Call the shelter, Monday – Friday from 11am – 5pm at 706-790-6836 to see if an animal matching the description of your pet has come in recently. Please, understand that it is VERY DIFFICULT to identify a pet by description alone; therefore, it is your responsibility to come to the shelter to identify your pet.
  • Visit our websites to view photos of the stray pets at our facility.
  • Visit 24PetConnect at https://24petconnect.com/.  On this site you will be able to search for your pet and also upload a photo of your lost pet as well.  When searching specifically for lost animals at Augusta Animal Services you will need to follows these easy steps:
    1. Select the type of animal that you are looking for.
    2. Click the "Change filters" button
    3. Enter 30906 as the zip code.
    4. Change the search radius to 10 miles.
    5. Click the "Confirm/Search" button.
    6. Scroll down the page and view current animals.
  • Notify your veterinarian that your pet is missing.
  • Check with Pet hospitals
  • Post flyers (color photos are best)
    • In your neighborhood
    • At local veterinarian offices
    • Pet Stores
    • Grooming/Boarding facilities
    • Any local businesses (convenience stores, etc.) that will allow you to post one
  • Place ads in the local newspaper, classified magazines and pet service or community based websites. (most will do this for free)
  • Be wary of pet recovery services, some are scams. Ask for references and check them before handing over any money for their services.
  • Talk to your postal delivery person, they are usually familiar with pets in the neighborhood.

Keep looking and don’t give up. Hopefully, you will be reunited with your lost pet soon.